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Add a “but”…yes, you heard me

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calendarWednesday, 05 February

It’s not always easy to speak positively to yourself and 100% believe in your words. You want to, but often your rationalizing self kicks in.

So when I read about this neat little trick of adding a “but” to your sentence, I tried it out and loved it! It converts your negative thoughts into positive ones, while keeping it realistic. Magic really.

Here’s an example from the article, “I feel I will never lose weight” becomes “I feel I will never lose weight, but I know there are other people who used to be exactly like me and made it happen!”

And some more examples:

“I don’t want to get up this morning” becomes “I don’t want to get up this morning, but if I get up now I could relax a little longer over my coffee.”

“I don’t feel like going out tonight, but maybe I’ll meet someone new and interesting.”

Check out the article, “How to train your brain to be happy” by Maria Brilaki, and add a “but” from now on.

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