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3 tips for saying thanks… like you mean it!

user by aramanathan
calendarWednesday, 15 January

We’ve all been there… pen poised above the paper, hands hovering over the keyboard, brow slightly furrowed… what do I write?

Well, here are some tips for saying thanks like you mean it.

Tip 1: Be specific

Focus only on the thank you and don’t make it about anything else. There are so many other ways you can use to talk about the other stuff going on in our life. Make this especially about the thanks.

Tip 2: Be sincere

Close your eyes and think for a moment – why are you saying thanks? Did you get awesome advice, a thoughtful gift, or help when you needed it? Find that genuine reason and then say it, simply and sincerely.

Tip 3: Add a special detail

This is the extra touch to show how this person, place or moment has affected you. If you got a gift, say how you are using it. If you got great advice, say how it helped you. If you had a special moment, write about it so you can relive that awesome feeling whenever you read it.

Check out these examples:

Thanks, May, for the cute little photo frame. It’s found a home on my fireplace mantel, holding a picture of my 2 favorite people.

Thanks, Jon, for your amazing interview tips. Feeling so much more confident now.

Thanks, gorgeous sunset, for appearing to brighten up my mundane drive home from work… reminded me that life is good.

Thanks, Lauren’s Cafe, for those warm, thick hot chocolates that never let me down.

Thanks, Arjun, for showing your grit and pushing through. I bet it feels great to ride your bike without training wheels. Well done!

So what are you waiting for? Go make someone smile…


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