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Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.

Winnie the Pooh - A.A. Milne

uThanku App

A visual journal of your gratitudes

With the uThanku app you can create a visual journal of thank you notes for the people or moments you care about. Make each note yours - easily add a photo and choose from a range of backgrounds. Savor it all over again at a glance with a visual daily journal.

Plus, your gratitude can create a powerful ripple effect - send notes directly to family and friends, share to social sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, or add to the community journal within the app.

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Sample Notes

Check out these uThanku notes

... and here's a few tips on writing a great uThanku note.

The Science

Saying thanks improves your well-being

Truth is, we're not wired to be naturally grateful. It requires practice. According Dr. Robert Emmons, author of "Thanks! How Practicing Gratitude Can Make You Happier" it takes 3 steps to be good at giving gratitude: recognizing what we’re grateful for, acknowledging it, and appreciating it.

The benefits of practicing gratitude have been well researched by many. It can strengthen relationships, improves health, reduces stress, and, in general, makes us happier. (Not bad for a couple of minutes a day).

  • Feb

    Study: Counting Blessings Versus Burdens

    Keeping a gratitude journal resulted in participants reporting: 16% fewer physical symptoms, 19% more time spent exercising, 10% less physical pain, 8% more sleep, and 25% increased sleep quality. See the research here.

  • May

    Study: The Grateful Heart

    Expressing gratitude and then feeling it induces the relaxation response. See the research here.

  • Jan

    Study: Gratitude Influences Sleep Through the Mechanism of Pre-sleep Cognitions

    Gratitude correlated with improved sleep quality, less time required to fall asleep, and increased sleep duration. See the research here.

  • Nov

    Video: Robert Emmons - Benefits of Gratitude


We're Team uThanku

We provide tools to help people experience something positive each day. These small positive acts or wins add up to make a big difference in how good we feel about life. Our tools take the little things that we all do each day and supercharge them, like saying thank you with a touch of magic.